exchange students

Comings and Goings

Tweet“I’d love to go to California,” a French classmate confided to me one Friday afternoon, over coffee at Le Basile. It was a few days before D-Day—February 13—when all Sciences Po second-years would learn which university they’d be shipped off to for their third year abroad. “But it’s […]

Tragedy hits Sciences Po Community

TweetSciences Po is a conglomerate of 60 nationalites, coming from 130 different countries, speaking more than 17 languages. We are literally a community open to the world, where students come and leave pieces of their culture within the walls of 27 St Guillaume and in return, Sciences Po […]

A Foreigner in the French Education System

daisybelle.jpgChaque semaine, Daisy Nguyen, étudiante en troisième année de sciences politiques et de droit à l’Université de Californie, en échange cette année à Sciences Po, nous racontera la vie vue par un bon tiers de la population estudiantine de notre institut – en anglais.
Every week, Daisy Nguyen, a third year exchange student from the University of California studying Political Science and Law, will relate life as third of the Sciences Po students see it – in english.